Hours 27-28

Hi everyone! I NEED to get caught up, so at this point I am just rattling off my recent hours. Here are the next two. Enjoy!

Hour 26

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today after school, while everyone else went on their dates and to their parties, I went to one of the places I love the most: the barn! Tonight was a productive lesson with Thasia.

I have been riding Thasia more often instead of Indy because I will be riding Thasia come April when I start my show season. Also, the fall kind of shook the relationship between me and Indy, not gonna lie. I still love her to pieces, of course, but I don’t feel very secure under saddle with her at the moment.IMG_8330.jpg Again, it’s Valentine’s day. So I took it upon myself to wear a pink saddle pad and red polos. Weird color scheme, not weird? I also wore full chaps and jeans instead of breeches. Not only do the full chaps allow you to ride in any old pair of blue jeans, but they also keep you warm and give you an insane amount of grip. Even though I love a good classy outfit, the full chaps are hard to beat.

The first part of the lesson was occupied with a really cool exercise called the three-second rule. This was a really cool way to think about the way you conduct yourself in the show ring and helps to keep confidence and focus on your ride. Basically, a gait or action is called out and you have three seconds to complete the transition. For example, you might be asked to transition from walk to trot, walk to canter, trot to halt, et cetera. You have five seconds if asked to change direction. It makes everything neat and almost business-like. I will explain this in more detail in a later post, I think it is a really effective and easy exercise to do!


Then we moved on to a simple ground pole exercise. It was similar to the one I did in the last lesson, except the poles were closer together and I was the only one riding. Again, we worked on supporting her through the turns at trot and canter but not over-supporting. It’s all about getting the right rhythm and being able to adjust to an awkward distance. This will translate to doing jumps later by helping me to measure striding and make correct turns. IMG_8332.jpg

This lesson was not the most exciting jumping-wise, but part of jumping is being successful from the ground up. That’s what makes a good round!

Hour 27

For Hour 27, I had a recap with Indy. IMG_8208.jpg dat face

I started with groundwork before I got on. I am really digging this blue color scheme. I wonder, in how many photos can I be seen wearing the same white Clemson ball cap? The things that fascinate me…IMG_8274.JPG

Bethany was away, so she wasn’t able to give me pointers. I was having trouble just getting her to pick up a trot. It was very infuriating for me, because I knew that I was going against what Bethany tells me to do and I was letting her get away with being lazy. This same problem is what made me fall: getting mad because she wouldn’t move her butt and me having to kick nonstop. I was fuming by the time I dismounted.

It is very, very evident that me and Indy have some things to work on. I hate that it has to be like this. One day we are jumping our next verticals, and the next she throws me. But part of being an equestrian is (literally and mentally) overcoming obstacles.IMG_8273.JPGSomeday, when I am jumping AA Hunters with an older Indy I will look back at this blog post and smile. If you stick with it hard enough, things just work out.

I’ve got a couple more hours in the near future for you guys, stay tuned and those will be out shortly! Thanks for reading!


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