Hours 24-25

Hi everyone! My apologies for putting off posting my recent rides on 100 Hours. School is so busy, I literally had four tests on Friday that took up most of my spare time on the weekdays. But now I am back to talk about hours 24 and 25: I am 1/4 of the way there! Enjoy!

Hour 24

Hour 24 was an exciting group lesson with a barn friend, Mary Hampton. She rode Tia, and I was on Thasia!IMG_3200.JPGShe is just so sleepy and adorable.

I don’t remember the last time I had a group lesson, so this ride was a unique one. The only downside was we weren’t able to ride as long.

As far as the actual lesson, it was pretty straightfoward: sets of three ground poles, the middle on through standards, situated on a circle, at trot and canter. Sounds simple enough, right? Surprisingly, we both had some trouble centering our horses at first. The exercise was useful to improve our turns and approaches to an obstacle. Even though they were ground poles and not jumps, the exercise will be useful for future jump courses. Every ride counts!

Hour 25

Yay! I’m officially a quarter of the way through the 100 hours! Today, after I finished barn chores,IMG_3231Feeding little miss fuzzy bay shavings tail Indy Lou,IMG_3219changing all the blankets,
IMG_3218and cleaning Indy’s stall and some others,

Bethany told me that Razz could really use a ride. I happily obliged!IMG_3232IMG_3235

I think he looks cute in that color, don’t you? Razz is a red roan, he just has a darker, fuzzier coat in the winter that makes him look chestnut.

The goal of the ride was to exercise Razz, because he hasn’t been ridden in a few days. Also, it was meant to get him ready for his lesson the following day. That was accomplished through a good flatwork ride. As usual, it also was good for me to get out there and ride.

This is what I call a typical, good barn Saturday: getting up bright and early, taking the horses out, cleaning stalls, changing blankets, feeding hay and filling water buckets, taking care of Indy, and either riding her or one of the barn’s horses. This is what makes it fun to be part of a barn community: the feeling that you work for your rides, and in the end it all pays off.


Lastly, does anyone have any questions about anything you’ve read on the blog or about horses in general or suggestions for things you would like to see me try while riding? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I am officially 1/4 of the way there!cropped-img_4983


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