the Horses

Meet the horses! These are horses that I ride or have ridden, they have all played a part in my horsey adventures. Enjoy!


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Show Name: To be determined

Breed: Quarter horse (Grade)

Color: Bay

Personality: kind and gentle, happy, willing, sure-footed, broke

Age: 7

Fun Facts: Forrest grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, where he was a head horse roping cattle and doing all sorts of ranch work.

With Me: we have just purchased Forrest and have had him for a very short time, so I have yet to have so many new adventures with him!

Shows With Me: None yet!

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Show Name: Sassy Sheila

Breed: Thoroughbred (Off-the Track)

Color: Bay (like the way a cup of coffee looks when you pour in the milk and it swirls around :D)

Personality: goofball, baby, love-bunny, brave and confident, drama queen, bossy,  ballerina

Age: 6

Fun Facts: Indy has two whirls above her eyes (where the hair on her face is shaped like a whirl) which according to legend means a horse is very smart.

With Me: Indy was my first horse, and I learned a lot from her! She’s a retired racehorse, having started six times on the track in Indiana. My trainer bought her at the age of four and kept her for a year and a half before we bought her. Indy is a valuable member of our family and she has taught me so, so much. Sadly we had to sell her back to my trainer in order for us to buy Forrest. However, I still get to see Indy every day and a little part of me will always belong to her!

Shows With Me: None yet! I may ride her in one in the future.

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Show Name: Olympia Rap

Breed: Appendix

Color: Bay

Personality: Calm and gentle, knows-the-drill, love-bunny, Boss mare

Age: 18

Fun Facts: From the beginning of my equestrian journey to the present, I have always known Thasia

With Me: Thasia is a lesson horse that I ride a lot, I hope to get my start over fences at shows with her! I rode her for my very first horseback riding lesson (2013, maybe??) and I still ride her today. She has a long and full history with my trainer and her mom and is definitely one of the most valuable members of the barn family. Thasia also taught me to jump higher things so I owe her big time!

Shows With Me: I have done two shows with her, one in 2017 and one September 2018. I plan to show with her when I start again in 2019.

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Show Name: Grafengunst

Breed: Hanoverian

Personality: Flirty, handsome and he knows it, show-off, ladies man, loves scratches on his chest, boss, his motto is “I’m kind of a big deal around here.”

Age: 19

Fun Facts: Finn’s sire is Grafenburg, who was a very well-known horse that sired a lot of champs. We often joke how if Finn could talk he would flaunt this to the other horses.

With Me: Finn was the first horse I ever leased (fall and winter of 2017) and it was an experience I will never forget. I was a walk-trot pole rider back then because I was lacking a lot of confidence but leasing Finn was what led up to both my progression as a rider and owning Indy. I owe him so much!

Shows With Me: I believe I had two shows with Finn. Despite a stylish dismount during the flat class we still placed reserve!

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Show Name: Razzle Dazzle

Breed: Paint (he’s a solid paint which means his parents were paints but he has no paint markings).

Personality: A delicate flower of a gelding, smart, dainty, smooth ride


Fun Facts: Razz’s nickname is “Twinkle Toes” because he is such a smooth ride. For first-timers it may be difficult to tell when he starts to trot.

With Me: Razz was the horse that taught me to canter: I transitioned from walk-trot only to the wonderful world of walk-trot-canter in a single lesson! Due to this I leased him for a few months in the first part of 2018 before we bought Indy. Razz caused my confidence to take an enormous bound and that’s not the only reason I love him!

Shows With Me: I showed three times with Razz in 2018. The first show was the most memorable: from that point on I have been calm and confident at shows because Razz was so calm despite the fact he had not been off the farm in years. On our way home we stopped and bought him a donut for his efforts.

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Huckleberry  img_8181

Show Name: Huckleberry

Breed: pony (we don’t know for sure exactly what kind he is, but he definitely has welsh pony in him).

Personality: pony-pony, defiant at times but willing with the right rider (not me), loves kids and hates tall people (aka me).

Age: 8

Fun Facts: His mane is an adorable pony mohawk, he has his own tiny pony-stall in the barn, he has become my trainer’s project and won the cross-rail class!

With Me: I ride Huckle sometimes if I am having a free-ride with friends, but he’s not a regular ride for me. He’s on here because he is the love of my little brother’s life! My six-year-old brother, Gus, is learning to ride on Huckle, who is just his size, and dreams of going to pony finals one day (aww buddy we’ll get there someday).

Shows With Me: I am way too tall for Huckle, and when I ride him it makes people laugh because I look like a clown, so any shows I do with him will probably be lead lines with Gus.

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This page is a work in progress… more horses coming soon!