Hours 18 and 19

I’ve had some very productive and fun riding lately. Here are my most recent two hours!


Hour 18

on Saturday, I figured I would have one last hurrah of Christmas break before I had to go back to school. So, I phoned my friend, Elizabeth, and we had a nice sleepover. She has been one of my best friends ever, and is an amazingly talented rider with Grand Prix aspirations.IMG_3145.jpgElizabeth and her newest horse, Jet, (AKA F-16) at a show this past September.

IMG_8503Elizabeth and I (she’s on the bay), a couple years ago when we were in middle school.

One of the best things about Elizabeth’s house is that she has horses. Three of them, to be exact.


On Saturday we tacked up the horses and got on for a pleasure ride. Elizabeth was going to ride her new horse, Jet, but he threw a shoe. So she rode her bay Appendix mare, Ice.img_3092

I rode her adorable and very spotty Appaloosa gelding, Jeffrey.IMG_3091.JPG

I used to ride Jeffrey a couple years ago and actually did a few shows with him!

It’s been forever since I have gotten to ride him, and it was a pleasure.IMG_3086.JPG

we rode around in the ring, and in the front pasture looking for Jet’s thrown shoe.. and back up the driveway towards the barn. Jeffrey had not been ridden in a while, so he was a bit energetic.
what a sweet sleepy boy.


Elizabeth and her mom were so sweet to invite me over, and we had such a good time! It’s when you have loyal friends like her in the horse world that make it all worthwhile.IMG_3088.JPG

Hour 19

Hour 19 was a happy free ride with Indy. Normally I would have been annoyed at all the people that were there, but today everyone was so cheerful and I was too. One friend was riding her brand new horse, another was having a lesson. Mary Hampton, one of my younger friends that lives in our neighborhood, had a lesson too and we took her home afterwards. It was a lively, cheerful place and our ride was no less.img_7992

Today was also a special ride because none other than our very own Clemson Tigers took the national championship just the day before so I went all out orange. As I was riding and the sun was setting I noticed that the sky and trees were turned the perfect shade of orange and purple.


Indy was her usual self, with her wiggling and flirting with the geldings. Our ride was productive, and we tried a little canter when Bethany took a break from her lesson. She said we didn’t look all that bad, and that’s good enough for me! What fun!



Thanks for reading everyone! Show season is coming up soon, so i’m going to be practicing as much as I can and getting more hours out to you guys! See you then!