Over the Rainbow

for those of you who don’t know, when I am not riding I am obsessed with model horses. My other blog is called OTR Stable, it stands for Over the Rainbow and is why I am called otrbreyers.

Roma Fade


I’m huge model horse fanatic. In fact, the last time I counted my model horses, I believe I had around a hundred and fifty.barntour13barntour8

I compete on the All Breeds Racing Board, make tack, take photos, and host my own hunter/jumper competitions for model horses.IMG_3231IMG_2070

It’s weird, but that’s what I love about it!IMG_1989IMG_2793so if it seems like nothing is going on around 100 hours, it’s probably because I am writing/publishing a post on OTR Stable. check it out here!


Today I found out that my friend has just finished her 100 hours. That’s not surprising because she shows and rides all the time, but still. I need to pick up my game. More hours coming soon! (like, a lot more. So I can hopefully have 100 by June.) Ack..

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