Hours 22-23

Hour 22

Hour 22 was my first lesson back on Indy since my fall. Because of this, we didn’t do anything crazy. The goal was just to get my confidence up a little, and to touch-face with Indy. For a horse like her who would rather stop than take off, keeping her moving is important. I concentrated on keeping my hands level and my senses tuned to her.IMG_8156.jpg

The aim of the lessson was to give Indy the mentality that moving around or slowing down without me asking is completely unacceptable and if she does I am not afraid to deliver an extreme and harsh aid. But if she does what I ask, I will leave her alone. I also focused on delivering aids and commands in a subtle way at first instead of instantly resorting to hard kicking. This lets her know that she doesn’t have to subject herself to the harsher commands if she simply does what I ask and keeps in line.

I also tried out my new galaxy polo wraps today…what fun! I got these from Snowy Mountain Horse Shop on Etsy, and i absolutely LOVE them. IMG_8153.JPGJazzy foots!

This was a fairly simple lesson, but a good way to get back in the saddle and reconnect with my beloved Indy. Every ride counts!

Hour 23

Hour 23 was a nice, relaxing free ride that was (gasp) not with Indy. Today I rode a Pintabian named Tia. Tia is an experienced lesson horse that still has plenty of sass. She is like sort of an older version of Indy, so the ride was a review of what I did in the lesson, except less stressful.IMG_8182.JPG

After some trotting and cantering, we walked around outside the barn for a few minutes. Tia is such a sweetheart and I love her adorable face. She is a special girl that has been with my trainer and her mom for the majority of her life, they bought her when she was weaned. It turns out Tia is 99 percent Arabian and 1 percent pinto. She’s a really pretty and unique horse, and it is always a pleasure to ride her!

Bonus Picture! here is me and the pony, Huckleberry! I was taking him out to the pasture in the morning before I rode Tia. He’s just so gosh darn cute with his little blanket!IMG_8181.JPG

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