A Break

As of right now, I haven’t ridden since the Saturday before last. AKA, the day that Indy threw me. img_8013As one may imagine, the fall has not made me inclined to ride. That’s why I haven’t posted in the last week, because I literally have nothing to say about what I am doing.

Other than busy work for school (finding horses wherever I can),

keeping up with my hobby,IMG_1984.JPG

and general re-cooperating.

Cleaning tack has been one of the things.

and I have also done some crafts.

Part of me feels guilty about putting off riding and nervous to get back on, but another part feels like the break helped me a little.

It’s been nice, but i’m ready to get back to business this Friday when I have my lesson. I don’t know who I will be riding or what I’ll do, but I know I’m not letting one fall get to me. And besides, show season is coming up fast…img_8010(plus, Indy and I can finally jump! *inner squee*)

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